Asset Management

"There are sources of joy that never dry up:

the beauty of nature, animals and human beings which is never absent."

                                            Leo Tolstoy

The lotus flower is one of the oldest symbols for purity of heart and mind.

It stands for a long life full of happiness and health. In many Asian cultures, it also signifies creativity and enlightenment, transformation and a new beginning. 

Our Philosophy

Successful asset management is based on a trusting relationship with our clients.

The interest in your personality, the understanding of your needs and the respect

for your values are the cornerstones of our long-term partnership.


The focus of our activities is on the quality- and value-oriented management and further development of your assets. Our independence is crucial for guaranteeing

that we can perform in your best interest.


Practice Areas

Asset Management
Wealth and Estate Planning and Restructuring
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Consolidated Asset Reporting
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Asset Management AG

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